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There isn’t enough time between dates to run up to the bar to get water unless you’re seated next to it. The second issue was the music, it was so loud I felt like I was in a club. I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t match with bachelor number 1, I thought we had a really nice chat.

Again, there wasn’t any time to run to the front to ask for it to be lowered. I guess now I’ll just wait for dude number 4 to send me a message! I usually tend to put things like this on my travel blog, but now I’m considering re-integrating my travel blog with this blog?

I go to work 3 days a week and the other 4 days I lounge around with my cats watching Netflix or sometimes, and I really mean sometimes, pick up my Japanese textbook.

The Fun The timers were set, the genre tables organized, and the “rate your date” handouts were copied and ready.

Finally, the students in English 9 came during their choice reading time, with an ID and a pencil in hand.

Kirr’s Genius Hour Blogspot, and mrsreaderpants for the book speed dating resources provided on their blogs.

The Definition and the Plan Book Speed Dating, as a program, provides readers with multiple rounds of five minutes each to explore and read from a selection of books in a variety of genres.

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