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She edged her way forward so she was practically lying on top of him, her face mere inches from his.

Brian climbed on the bed behind her, slipping into her tight hold from behind.

He looked genuinely upset when he said, “sorry babe, I have a headache.” She picked up my sending a one-word message to Brian.

“Now.” She took her husband and made him sit on the bed.

He seemed satisfied and thanked me for the wonderful meal.

Another unsatisfied night and her husband, Kyle, didn’t even seem to notice.

She loved him, he just never seemed to care for her like he used to.

Her body ached for real physical, passionate sex, something he seemed unable to give.

She didn’t know what to do, she ached to be touched, but wanted to stay faithful to her husband, she loved him.

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She quickly went up to her room and stripped, she put on a pair of black things and then a black lace babydoll.

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