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(The ultra-paranoid way to do this is to buy two identical computers, configure one using the above method, upload the results to a cloud-based anti-virus checker, and transfer the results of that to the air gap machine using a one-way process.) 2.Install the minimum software set you need to do your job, and disable all operating system services that you won't need.

I purchased my computer off-the-shelf in a big box store, then went to a friend's network and downloaded everything I needed in a single session.

Or slow-moving but inexorable farmers from Anatolia?

These are just some of the many possibilities discussed in the scholarly literature.

I also recommended using an air gap, which physically isolates a computer or local network of computers from the Internet.

(The name comes from the literal gap of air between the computer and the Internet; the word predates wireless networks.) But this is more complicated than it sounds, and requires explanation.

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