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These codes are used to indicate the date when a food item was packaged.Continue Reading The Julian date code was first developed for use by the United States military in packaging Meals-Ready-to-Eat for soldiers.She’s fun, beautiful, intelligent…the whole package. He met her on this Chinese dating site, but that’s not of interest now.

A Chinese man is intimidated by that and will never accept it.”I was still skeptical until she told me that successful Chinese women know that a relationship with a Western man is their only chance to not get suppressed.The harsh truth is that dating Chinese women as a black man is hard.In fact, one of Lucy’s friends was in a relationship with a black man while she studied in the UK…until her parents threatened to disinherit her. German is one of the most difficult languages in the world.We had dinner at the restaurant on a Thursday night to celebrate a birthday and the entire family was thoroughly impressed with the service and the food quality. The Julian date code represents the last digit of the year and the day of the year when read from left to right.

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I wanted to understand everything about meeting and dating Chinese women.

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