Wsus server not updating

We have to update a table in the WSUS database and correct our GPO with a new WMI filter that will work with Windows 10.

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Additionally, a pending reboot state results in neither an updated nor a prior-to-updated state.

Before discussing AU configuration options, a couple of key points should be clarified.

Someone on his blog actually asked if the extension was necessary. After nuking the old folder, run the update again and all is well but it takes a long time to go through that long download and update process. I have found that the easiest way to fix a Microsoft Update problem is to switch back to Windows Update from the "Change Setting" option on the left-side menu.

In our last tutorial we installed WSUS and we joined a new Windows 10 laptop to our server but we found that this laptop shows up in the WSUS manager as a Vista client and not as the expected Windows 10.

Update download happens in the background using only available bandwidth not already being consumed by the client.

For instance, if the user is doing a foreground download, browsing, or sending e-mail, downloading an update in the background will have no impact on those experiences.

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