Wpf visibility binding not updating

My blog (bit.ly/19Ikog W) includes an async/await intro that lists additional resources at the end, and the MSDN documentation on async is quite good (search for “Task-based Asynchronous Programming”).For more information on MVVM, I recommend pretty much anything written by Josh Smith.I’m assuming you’re somewhat familiar with async and await and quite familiar with MVVM.If that’s not the case, there are a number of helpful introductory materials available online.If your Model is an actual domain model (not a data access layer) and there’s data binding between the Model and View Model, then the Model itself also has UI-thread affinity.Once you’ve identified which layers have UI affinity, you should be able to draw a mental line between the “UI-affine code” (View and View Model, and possibly the Model) and the “UI-agnostic code” (probably the Model and definitely all other layers, such as services and data access).So, when I talk about MVVM, understand that I’m not using any particular strict definition of the term.One of the first things you have to consider when introducing async and await to the MVVM pattern is identifying which parts of your solution need the UI threading context.

To be clear, my first article on async, “Best Practices in Asynchronous Programming” (msdn.microsoft.com/magazine/jj991977), was relevant to all applications that use async/await, both client and server.

For such applications, these keywords can yield a more responsive UI.

However, it’s not immediately obvious how to use async and await with established patterns such as Model-View-View Model (MVVM).

NET Framework 4 and higher), i OS/Android (Xamarin), Windows Store (Windows 8 and higher), Windows Phone (version 7.1 and higher), Silverlight (version 4 and higher), as well as Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) targeting any mix of these platforms (such as Mvvm Cross).

The time is now ripe for “async MVVM” patterns to develop.

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As a result, I always treat my View Models as though they’re tied to the UI context.

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