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Not big, life-shattering differences that mark ladies-only relationships as part of a different species or anything, but annoying, logistical everyday stuff that can make things tricky.Real talk: There just might be some problems that you don’t run into when dating men — and they’re the worst.“Ask them to be respectful of your privacy, but also ask them for advice or help if you think they can assist you.” Another thing Dr.Bashan suggests is finding resources on your college campus, such as peer-led coming-out groups or a therapist who can talk through these issues you might be experiencing.You know those things that everyone is all like, "Oh, don't worry, guys don't pay attention to that stuff"? If I notice it on myself, I'm going to assume that she'll notice it on me, too. Let’s be real: No one ever knows the perfect formula to dating, especially not in college.Yet, like a swift autumn breeze, the season for finding a beautiful girl to cuddle with on those cold, lonely nights is upon us.

But despite how true that is, most of us would be lying if we said there aren’t some important distinctions between our love lives and those of our straight friends.So there’s this girl you’ve just met, and you can’t get her out of your head.You talk all the time, and you have a bunch in common.While coming out is liberating for some, we don’t want to undermine the fact that coming out can be a difficult process for many people.Coming to know this part of yourself can be scary, especially if you come from a family or any type of background that isn’t accepting of the LGBTQ community.

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You’ve started making subtle yet flirty remarks to test the waters, to which she giggles, but never quite reciprocates.

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