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Don't go overboard trying to convince her you won't hurt her. I acted aloof at times with my boyfriend afraid as soon as I got too close things would come crashing down.

Just be yourself and it will show if you truly care. He was patient and understanding with a little spoiling too but that was/is natural for him to do.

Hey I remember what it's like to be 19 believe it or not.

Things are a lot different at that age than they are when you're in your 30s.

That's why I don't buy all this advice people are posting that says "forget about her and move on"... If she's sincerely interested in you, OP, she'll come around in her own time. Now, older folks who haven't learned how to resolve conflict or process their feelings....

If someone said anything against him, I was defensive, and upset and didn't appreciate it at all.If she's been in a bad relationship as you describe, she will only recover if it is HER solutions that fix things. And keep your "big" head on straight, because this sounds like an emotional roller coaster waiting to happen.If yours are the ones used, she will fear that she's again in an emotionally dependent situation. You can't "sweep her off her feet", that's a form of manipulation.^^^Perhaps because some of us know what it is like trying to "deal" with someone who isn't over a former relationship.A few times I had to remind him not to be OTT with compliments trying to make me feel more secure. He should hang in, Put no pressure on her, be himself and let this play itself out until the end game. I assume the GF is about the same age, plus or minus a few.Eventually I put my complete trust in him and wasn't worried about him hurting me by disappearing.^^^Perhaps because some of us know what it is like trying to "deal" with someone who isn't over a former relationship. OP, you aren't her first relationship and you sure aren't going to be her last.

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