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He improves his skills and joins his brother Ryosuke as the uphill driving specialist in Project D (which also recruits Takumi as the downhill part) starting in the storyline's Fourth Stage.Although he has turned down offers to become a professional racer while in Project D, he eventually accepts one at the end of the series.In the Fifth Stage storylines, he begins a friendship with Mika Uehara, a high school senior who is a golfer.Takumi is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki in the Japanese anime series, is the owner of the Fujiwara Tofu Shop. Akina, he passively guides his son Takumi's racing development by making him deliver tofu to Lake Akina using his finely-tuned AE86.After facing Takumi in First Stage, he decides to retire from actively racing and manage behind the scenes.

He later acquires his own vehicle, a 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-R Version V, where he has bested Takumi in a casual race, but also makes Takumi drive it on occasion so that the latter can learn how to be a better racer on other cars.

In the Funimation English version, he is voiced by J. In the Hong Kong live-action film, he is portrayed by Edison Chen.

These are the teams from their respective cities or regions, as well as their key members.

The Akina Speedstars and hopes to buy an AE86 Corolla Levin to compete with Takumi's Trueno and join the Speedstars.

When he mistakenly buys an inferior AE85, he gets upset until Takumi takes him for a drive and a spontaneous race, showing that the driver's skill can make up the difference.

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