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In an alternate mirror universe, Olivia Benson is a female Terran IBCI and TMACO officer assigned to Terran Imperial warship ISS Voyager and served as the Captain's personal guard for Imperial command officer Kathryn Janeway.In 2379, after the death of Empress Hoshi Sato III, Olivia served as a Royal Guard to Empress Janeway.Olivia encountered both of this first with assassination as another fellow cadet with four other cadets tried to kill Olivia.However unknown to them Olivia was a child of the harsh streets of Terra so she knew how to defend herself from various heavily armed street gangs and rogue MACO squads.As a result, she is often quick to believe victim's stories.Her partner Typhuss James Halliwell is often more skeptical of victim's accounts, which often brings the two partners into conflict.Including the martial art and craft of welding the Banku Nobunaga or Banku Blade as its more commonly known is the body length broadsword implemented by Hoshi Sato III for use by elite Terran MACO Black and Special Ops officers.The great blades Diamondite edged tip can easily pierce or slice through a minimum of three feet of duranium hull in seconds and can sever unprotected flesh in nano-seconds.

While speaking to a victim of a separate rape, the victim asked her if she was better having dealt with her rapist, and Olivia told her that she was better but that she wouldn't ever forget what happened.

After this event word of the incident begins to spread and reaches Imperial Command.

After hearing of Cadet Benson's skill in defending herself they immediately want Benson placed in MACO Special Forces however Olivia prefers to find a position in the Imperial Board for Control and Intervention wanting to both secure the Empire's security and to help the people she left behind in Terra's corrupt super-cities.

In 2381, Typhuss asked Olivia to marry him and Oliva said yes.

In July, Olivia and Typhuss got married in Olivia's hometown of New York.

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