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I’ve learned that children tend to be better educated and feel closer to their parents when they make it a point to sit down and have meals together.

What I’ve recently started doing is having the boys pick a recipe each week that we can try to cook together.

We recently spent a solid week together building a loft. Do you find it difficult to instill the same values that you grew up with in your L. The difficult thing is giving them the freedoms to go out and do things.

But even if we aren’t really doing anything, they just want to know that you are in the house. During [an episode] where we built bottle rockets, I wasn’t sure how they were going to be, but they did very well. As much as I can, I try to give them the moments I had growing up.

A Surprise Wedding: August 20, 2016, is an unforgettable day for Mark Steines and Julie Freyermuth as they took their marital vows on this day.

Although more than hundreds of guests were present at Mark’s house in Los Angeles, they had no idea that the pair had planned their wedding and everyone assumed the occasion to be the fifth anniversary of Mark’s show “ Home And Family.” However, the event took a swift turn, and they were surprised to witness the wedding that followed.

Since you and your wife split last year, how have you adjusted from married with kids to single dad?

But sorry ladies, he is no more available as he’s married to his girlfriend, Julie.At the ceremony, many celebrity guests accompanied the couple, like Leeza Gibbons, Nick Whelan, Kerry Rhodes and Dot-Marie Jones.Dot- Marie Jones was the one to officiate the wedding.We really try to put our own signature on the show.I do the photography around the set and Christina does the flowers.

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