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Los Angeles-based Spotlight Pictures has boarded international rights to feature animation Sgt.

Stubby: An Unlikely Hero and will introduce to Cannes buyers next week.

The latest, Indignation (15), is set a decade or so before Ewan Mc Gregor’s Vietnam-era American Pastoral, in 1951, against the backdrop of the Korean War, which saw young American men once again being drafted… Which is good news for Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman), a hard-working, high-achieving Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey, who has won a place at a small Ohio college.

His over-protective parents can surely stop worrying…

One of the great strengths of the film is the quality of this supporting cast, with producer David Heyman and director David Yates (he made the last four Potter films) raiding the latest generation of American TV shows and Broadway productions for talent.

They’re not yet household names or familiar faces but Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler respectively are all outstanding in the above roles.

Resembling nothing so much as the well-educated love child Mary Poppins and Dr Dolittle might have produced, Newt is a ‘magizoologist’ who travels the world with an old leather suitcase that, thanks to a bit of Tardis-like wizardry, contains all the endangered magical animals he has collected on his travels and that he wants to protect.

Among his exotic menagerie is a Niffler (a pilfering platypus), a Bowtruckle (think stick insect but with a demanding personality) and a vast Erumpent, a massive pachyderm with a terrifying horn, glowing forehead and, at least, in the female of the species, a strong sex drive.

There’s a pleasingly familiar structure to what ensues too: Newt is soon joined in his efforts to recapture his animals by the nice, if currently out-of-favour junior investigator from Macusa, Tina Goldstein; her sexy, mind-reading sister, Queenie; and token no-maj (and aspiring baker) Jacob Kowalski.Collectively, the eight Harry Potter films took almost billion at the global box office, and the Hollywood machine was never going to walk away from that sort of money-making potential, particularly with Harry’s creator, J K Rowling, still very much at the height of her creative powers.So they rummaged through her back catalogue, hit upon a mock Hogwarts textbook that Rowling produced for Comic Relief in 2001 and persuaded her that now was the perfect time to embrace a new challenge – not just writing the underlying source material but producing the finished screenplay too.Granted, this look is a tad (OK, a lot) 90s - what with the combat trousers tucked into the boots - but he does wear the look very well. With suede panels running down the sleeves and lots of zips everywhere (that little one on in the inside of the main zip is a nice feature), it is obviously very high end. Worn with the trousers and boots, we could give or take it.If he's trying to blend in with his natural surroundings.. If he'd teamed this with a fab pair of jeans, then we'd be singing his praises right now.

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