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Also, J-14's Teen Icon Awards as Iconic TV Actress.

hang in there baby (Good luck charlie) Lemonade mouth- the songs she sang in a movie she did good luck charlie- the theme song of a tv series she has Those are all the...honestly i dont no most of the time she doesnt wear nail polish but only in 3 episodes of good luck charlie i saw her wear nail polish. At the same time, she played Olivia White in Disney's movie Lemonade Mouth, which is also based on a book.

sigh :(Bridgit Mendler is famous for playing the role of Teddy Duncan in Disney's Sitcom Good Luck Charlie.

Teddy loves to go shopping, hang out with her best friend, Ivy, and go to the movies.

It is suggested that her favorite colors are blue and purple.

She did teach Charlie that the opposite of good was Gabe, but she still shows love for her younger brother.

The same is for Gabe when he and PJ make a rap for her 16th birthday in Driving Mrs. Also as in the episode Name That Baby, Gabe is yelling out to his mother while Teddy is trying to study for exams, but she doesn't get as annoyed at Gabe as a usual sibling would to another sibling.

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