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None of the stoner guys appealed to me." excited for them.When we were still platonic, I was on the ferry, Billy Corgan would not pay for my flight back from Roskilde, and Nirvana had played with the [Smashing] Pumpkins at that show, so I was on the ferry with the Nirvana guys." Here, Love revealed her admiration for the Nirvana frontman, stating, "I had a crush on Kurt, he was gorgeous, I mean he was beautiful and enigmatic and evasive.

They haven’t figured out a band name yet, but they’ll start working on new music next week.In an extended interview clip (video below) from the Cobain documentary To establish a base, Love was first asked, "When you were younger, what was your idea of Prince Charming?" The singer responded, "Before I was sexually active I was hanging around with rock stars.I had a huge crush on the first one that mentored me, his name is Julian Cope, he's been forgotten by history pretty much — he was part of that Liverpool Echo and the Bunnymen scene, there was a scene, there was a moment there — when I got out of juvenile hall, which was mixed sexes, it was co-ed.I'd been sequestered in all girl boarding schools and the I was in a mixed co-ed juvenile hall.

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Billy and Chloe live and work in Chicago where they run his tea shop Madame Zuzu’s.

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