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“I think an important thing in the book is to give comfort to the families and make them feel less anxious.

And especially give comfort to the mothers — a lot of mothers, [Wolff] said, felt guilty in that they felt they had passed on a genetic defect to their child,” said Perez, 72.

The dating guru quit the series to focus on other projects, following allegations that he had cheated on his girlfriend with former Celebs Go Dating cast member Chanelle Sadie Paul.

That just leaves feisty love expert Nadia Essex, who has already teased another upcoming season could soon be in the works.

So when Conklin got his hands on Perez’s finished book, he said “it was like Christmas morning.” “I am very touched by the fact that Armando, despite his pain, decided to do this — to put the book together.

It must have taken a lot of time to compile notes, to write them down.

While rifling through his wife’s old photos and notes, Perez decided to mourn his loss in a different way — by writing “Mending Children’s Broken Hearts,” a book about Wolff’s life work.

Wolff believed that tending to the emotional trauma that comes with being a sick child (or a family member of a sick child) was just as important as the actual treatments her patients received.

With each patient, Wolff used her affectionate personality and spiritual nature to make their time in the hospital as stress-free as possible.

By delving deeper into her work than he ever had before, Perez said he learned about “handling misfortune with a positive spirit.” “I feel very, very honored that I was her life companion,” he said.

Although the next series hasn't been confirmed by E4, news of Eden Blackman's exit means everyone wants to tune in to who will be a worthy replacement.

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