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It was a colossal relief for us.” Jamie would endure a lifetime of ill health, suffering ulcerative colitis, the removal of his colon, and ultimately liver failure requiring two transplants at the age of 30.After the first liver transplant failed, Callan says Redford and his son endured “12 of the worst weeks of both of their lives”.“Through all of this with Jamie Bob and I really leaned on each other for a lot of emotional support.” Jamie, 49, recalls: “My father was 100 per cent involved.He consulted on every aspect of the surgeries.” Yet the pain remains too fresh for Redford to explore in his biography.The murder of his daughter Shauna’s fiancé Sid Wells, in Boulder, Colorado, in 1983, is another deeply personal tragedy that he prefers not to examine too closely.Wells was found shot in the back of the head a few doors away from Shauna’s flat, in the apartment of Thayne Smika, who was arrested for the crime but released for lack of evidence.

“You’re always going to be parents to the same children,” says Lola.

Detectives informed Redford’s family: a mark of how deeply they remain connected to the tragedy.

Another seminal incident in Redford’s life is conveniently glossed over in the biography: the behaviour that got him thrown out of the University of Colorado.

By passing quickly over some of the most emotionally rending experiences in his life, Redford reveals the deep pain still locked within him.

The star of The Sting, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Indecent Proposal and Out Of Africa has spent 14 years collaborating with author Michael Callan, detailing the minutiae of his life during lunches and dinners, lengthy interviews and long walks across the mountainous terrain around Redford’s beloved Sundance ranch in Utah.

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