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In 1834 Garibaldi was ordered to seize a warship, but the plot was discovered by police and he was condemned to death.He escaped to South America, where he lived for 12 years.While it initially looked as if the independence and unity of Italy was a realistic possibility, the Austrians defeated the Piedmontese and Charles Albert had to abdicate.His son, Victor Emmanuel II, succeeded him in 1849.Napoleon's growing concern with respect to the sudden (large) size of his neighbor was resolved in part by the cessation of the Sardinian provinces of Savoy, near the Alps, and Nice, on the Mediterranean coast to France in 1860 .After 1860, the only French presence on the Italian peninsula was in the city of Rome, where French troops remained at the request of the pope.The French came to the aid of the Piedmontese and the Austrians were defeated in the two major battles of Magenta and Solferino.The Austrians were forced to surrender Lombardy, with its great city of Milan (my home town), to Napoleon III.

The Kingdom of Sicily that occupied the island of Sicily and the entire southern half of the Italian peninsula .During the same year he returned to Italy and participated (again) in the movement for Italian freedom and unification, which became widely known as the (Italian for "revival").He organized a corps of volunteers, which served under the Piedmontese ruler Charles Albert, king of Sardinia.(a) the Austrian occupation of Lombardy and Venice in the north, (b) the principality under the sovereignty of the pope, i.e.the Papal States that controlled the center of the Italian peninsula; and (c) the existence of various states that had maintained independence, such as the Kingdom of Sardinia, also called Piedmont-Sardinia, which located at the French border had slowly expanded since the Middle Ages and was considered the most advanced state in Italy.

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