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There were nasty rumors spreading about Denyce Lawton recently.She was rumored to be into relationship with married man and was allegedly expecting a baby from one of them, because she wanted to have the money that the father of the child is supposed to pay for child care.

Thus their relationship still ended because some kind of reasons.

He has starred, co-starred, or made guest appearances in several movies and television shows, including: Boy Meets World; Moesha; Sister, Sister; Smart Guy, Thea; Baywatch; A Different World; Boston Public; Crossover; National Lampoon's Bag Boy; and Divine Intervention.

Jonathan has never been married but was romantically involved with actress Denyce Lawton from 2006-2009.

There are rumors that former Denyce Lawton boyfriend cheated on her and that was the thing that got in the way between them.

So if he cheated than she did the right thing braking up with him, because now she is happy with Darrin.

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