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(2-tailed) of 0.000 r table product moment 0.312, so it can be concluded that the item 1 was valid.

Note: for value r table product moment can be searched on the distribution of the r table product moment 5% significance with N = 40, then the value will be r table product moment equal to 0.312.

The questionnaire was given to 40 respondents with a number of questions there are 10 items. Download the complete data Step by Step Test Validity questionnaire Using SPSS 1. As an example I will interpret the validity of the test results on the first item.

Based on the significant value obtained by the Sig.

Acquiring this information typically takes multiple studies.

I found it strange that faculty in a psychology department were unable to tell a graduate student how to validate a survey.

” The response was usually a polite, “I can’t, but have you tried talking to doctor so and so, he might be able to help.” Doctor so and so couldn’t help either. Dave Collingridge is a senior research statistician for a large healthcare organization located in Utah, USA.

He has published several quantitative and qualitative research articles in healthcare, psychology, and statistics.

Results of multigroup analysis confirmed the invariance of the 15 items model across professional role, gender, age, and organisational tenure.

Structural equation modeling results proved specific relations between occupational factors and burnout dimensions.

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