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SAX has no official standards body; it is not maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or any other official body, but it is a de facto standard in the XML community.The examples in this tutorial, should you decide to try them out, require the following tools to be installed and working correctly.For instance, the same document used as an example in How SAX processing works would be represented as nodes, shown here: The rectangular boxes represent element nodes, and the ovals represent text nodes. First, because the tree is persistent in memory, it can be modified so an application can make changes to the data and the structure.It can also work its way up and down the tree at any time, as opposed to the one-shot deal of SAX. On the other hand, a lot of overhead is involved in building these trees in memory.This tutorial examines the use of the Simple API for XML version 2.0.x, or SAX 2.0.x.It is aimed at developers who have an understanding of XML and wish to learn this lightweight, event-based API for working with XML data.One good example of this is when you want to process a document with a stylesheet, as in: Other applications can get information in similar ways.For instance, a survey has a statistical sample that certainly isn't large enough to be taken seriously.

Also, because the application is simply examining the data as it goes by, it doesn't need to store it in memory.

The standard means for reading and manipulating XML files is the Document Object Model (DOM).

Unfortunately this method, which involves reading the entire file and storing it in a tree structure, can be inefficient, slow, and a strain on resources. SAX allows you to process a document as it's being read, which avoids the need to wait for all of it to be stored before taking action.

It assumes that you are familiar with concepts such as well-formedness and the tag-like nature of an XML document.

(You can get a basic grounding in XML itself through the Introduction to XML tutorial, if necessary.) In this tutorial, you will learn how to use SAX to retrieve, manipulate, and output XML data.

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