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The most frequent causes of recalls are isolated lot-related subcomponent failure; manufacturing issues such as operator error, processing error, or in-process contamination; latent hardware or software issues; and packaging or labeling issues.

In addition, company communications that describe incorrect and potentially dangerous procedures used by some medical personnel are also considered a recall, even though the device is not faulty.

But as soon as the ideas go digital, the quality of the data provides the uncompromising basis for every additional step.

When designing a car on a computer (computer-aided design, CAD), data errors can occur, which cause problems in virtual production (computer-aided manufacturing, CAM).

A slow but inexorable process of added regulatory requirements superimposed on existing requirements has driven up complexity and cost and has extended the time required to obtain device approval to levels that often make such investments unattractive.

It is not that companies have run out of good ideas, but the regulatory risks have made it impractical to invest in the truly big ideas.Some patients will benefit from these updated devices, but the benefits are likely to be much less impressive than those that would result from a major innovation.Perhaps the best measure of the FDA’s stultifying effect on medical device innovation is the delay, often of several years, between device approval in Europe (designated by the granting of the CE mark) and approval in the United States.Designers have test programs available for their software, which work in a similar way to a spell checker for word processing programs.The results then provide a reliable basis for decisions on whose criteria data may be regarded as good geometric information and from when data contain deviations that cannot be tolerated.

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