Upscale dating site

You join a website, create a profile, and then go shopping member profiles for someone to reach out to.

If, after several rejections and ignores, your emails are answered, you make a date to meet a stranger.

Professional Matchmaking is an increasingly popular alternative to online dating for sincere singles looking for a lasting relationship.

Unlike online dating or any other way most singles meet, all our clients are screened in person and background checked.

Next thing you know you’ve been “dating” for a year or more when it occurs to at least one of you that you don’t even like the other person. We use your feedback to fine-tune our efforts, if need be.

We believe our success comes from making sure matches are compatible with each other before finding out if you have chemistry. Then we rinse and repeat this process until you call or email us to let us know you want to put your membership on hold because you think you’ve found the one and you’re having the time of your life together! This process has turned hundreds of quality singles like you into happy couples who are now done looking for the love of their life and are now busy enjoying each other’s company.

We get to know you and learn what you’re looking for. But you’ll also spend time with us face-to-face so we can learn more about your dating history, your present circumstances and your future hopes and dreams.

We search on your behalf for the right people for you. These are real people, so there’s no guarantee a match will like you.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love. We are looking for members who are financially and emotionally capable, intelligent, serious about dating quality singles, serious about a relationship with a right partner, and respectful of peoples individuality; they are who they say they are; they have done what they say they've done; and they do what they say they do. We believe in real people, who are “salt of the earth,” who come from all walks of life; from secretaries to entrepreneurs; and students to retirees, people who want balance in their lives. They want the opportunity to select, and be selected, from a targeted profile of singles that look at the world the way they do. It cannot be accessed by non-members, and we are committed to protecting your information. Each and every applicant is run through a battery of background checks, totaling over 760 agencies nationally and internationally, including Interpol, DEA, Sex Offender Lists, United Nations, World Bank, etc.The same is often true when it comes to the mate selection process and finding the right person for you.Investing in professional relationship help and guidance is just plain smart. You just show up and be yourself with quality people who are looking for someone just like you.With the boom of the Internet, there have been thousands of websites popping-up, trying to fill the needs of millions of singles.Unfortunately for most singles, many of these online dating sites are clueless into what makes a relationship work.

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Behind every profile on a typical online dating site is a stranger, not only to you, but to the dating company too. If you qualify, schedule a time to meet with us and learn about our matchmaking process.

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