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Here are the steps I remember: Flash car with Superchips mod Update Superchips programmer via web Reflash car with new updated Super Chips mod Where does return to stock go? There "should" be a way of backing your stock program up to your PC....

The Superchips family of performance tuners is our best selling line, and the Flashpaq is our best selling tuner of them all.

Here's a quote from another thread also: I can tell a HUGE difference between 1.07 and 1.11.

But I didn't notice any of them saying to raise IDLE. Some embedded computer devices have redundant software loads. Only after successful update, the bits are set to load from the backup.

Here is a thread someone just started- getting a checksum error. t=79992 I had, and have heard of others, with the G-6F error.

I finally got mine to download and update properly.

(primary becomes backup and backup becomes primary) Doing this makes it impossible to brick the unit during update and saves the service center and customers lots of grief. I don't believe you have to return to stock first, but the careful person would. If you update it and, for one reason or another, it gets locked or spits an error code or blows up you can no longer go back to stock. I thought I read somewhere that your stock program is saved on the unit and the Superchips site.

You are updating the SC computer using Widows, Internet Explorer, the Internet, your power, any oddities* on your computer etc. *Oddities: Versions of Internet Explorer, Active X, patches, viruses, adware, spyware, etc. The idea behind this is if something were to happen to your programmer,e.g. Superchips could reprogram a replacement tuner with your stock settings.

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