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As a result, you will need to reformat the internal flash to FAT and thus lose any data stored there. At time of writing (2014-02-07) the port can't operate alongside the OF because RB and the OF use incompatible file systems.As a consequence, if you format for the OF, Rockbox won't boot and if you format for Rockbox, OF won't boot.It will show a menu in which you should select "Reload firmware" and confirm.After having erased the firmware, you can proceed below.Rockbox Utility should be able to do that in the future.An alternative method under Windows is to repack the bootloader in the installer using the zentools and use the installer normally. The last method is to use the sendfirm tool in Rockbox and Creative OS do not use the same file system so one cannot use both at the same time.It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.

The recommended one is the automatic method using Rockbox Utility when it's available.

is there any way to recover my origonal firmware for my device. My problem has gone beyond that in which I have formated my MP3 player and it is no longer recognized by the update software as a device and updated is no longer an option. Thank you I have the stated firmware downloaded, but every time I attempt to run it, it will not recognize the device.

is there any way to recover my origonal firmware for my device. I am running windows xp and i have reverted to windows media player 9.

By updating your Media Player, you can actually prolong the device’s life because, this way, it will be in sync with the new industry standards for content creation.

However, the process of updating your device is a risky one if not done according to strict instructions, such as: make sure that the firmware you have downloaded is compatible with your device, and don’t interfere with the player during the update process.

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