Updating bios asus laptop

Had to retrieve the data, backed it up, then wipe and reformat HDD as NTFS.

Reinstalled windows through torrent ISO because windows 7 download page doesn't allow to get a new copy with pre-installed laptop license keys. Well, I'll never update Bios anymore; this is sure. Learnt some new stuff, but it was really annoying seeing it go black after using an official ASUS driver.

I may upset folk here but the still free till Dec 31 upgrade to W10 could have saved this laptop. Because the W10 download is what I use to wipe and reinstall on almost any machine that runs W10 Home or Pro, 32 or 64 bit.

HDD corrupted into RAW and filled the whole memory with crap data; couldn't boot into windows anymore due to memory error.I don't mean the rechargeable but there's one on the motherboard that keeps your clock running and stores your custom settings. I'm presuming that you did get a message on the screen that the BIOS flash was successful.There must be no power interruption during this process and one must keep his hands off of the keyboard until the message appears.Otherwise, as far as I know, this would require to change motherboard.Don\u0027t see it worth the investment for me.https://com/Laptops/K52JC/Help Desk_BIOS/and did you use the ASUS utility/method of performing the update?

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I've done plenty of ASUS BIOS updates and they've always allowed me to make a backup file to undo the changes if things don't do well. Of course you do not reinstall W7 first and do the BIOS update later as it's possible for the OS reject the changes it thinks it sees to the hardware.

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