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A single business-transaction(such as enrollment of a customer, retirement of an employee) may involve one or more CICS transactions.. CICS allows transactions to run concurrently at the same time serving many online users. To make Cobol program(s) interactive, we code special CICS API commands in the program.

All of this falls under an SLA which is Service Level Agreement. Sycophant: The term has come to mean one who seeks to please people in positions of authority or influence in order to gain power themselves, usually at the cost of pride, principles, and peer respect.

The transaction invokes one or more programs to process the data right away.

Immediately, the output results are displayed on the terminal and the transaction ends. Different CICS services are exposed through a rich set of API(Application programming interface) commands.

Before you use a transaction, one must define it in the PCT table.

PCT ties together the TRANSID the user enters and the program.

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