Updating a bathroom on a budget

When you remove tiles, the wall often comes away with them.

If your walls are in a poor condition, they will need to be prepared, which can also increase costs.

Is spending a little more on home refurbishment, maintenance and decoration worth it? Trusted Traders about what ‘luxury’ means in their industry and whether it’s worth the extra cost.

Excess moisture, steam and general humidity can mean bathrooms start to look shabby more quickly than other areas in the home.

If you want a concealed fitting, you can make the installation cheaper by fitting the shower against a stud wall,’ says Ward Bathrooms Ltd’s Terry Ward. But, all electrical work will need to be certified/signed off by a qualified Part P electrician.

‘This saves cutting out solid walls to accommodate pipes, valves and so on, followed by making the decoration good.’A qualified electrician will be able to install LED downlighters, which are cheap to run, in more or less any bathroom. Extractor fans can usually be retrofitted in a bathroom.

We’ve come up with nine ways to update your bathroom on a budget, because limited funds shouldn’t mean you have to put up with a less than pleasing bathroom.Additionally, she is the proud mother to two adventurous little boys and DIY connoisseur. Today I am going to show you how to update a bathroom with a bare-bones-budget of 0 or less.We are very excited to have her share her expertise with us. I will also show you what your bathroom can become as time and money allow you to accessorize.Remember that decorating should always be viewed as a process rather than a one-time event!Erin from the blog His & Hers decided that her outdated bathroom was for the birds ;).

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