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[…] We rented an apartment in Los Angeles and from all the pictures it looked like a nice place.We arrived in a shady neighborhood and walked to the apartment.Prices should match the quality of service and quality of premises. is way too much for a night for the experience we had.After the most bizarre few days, there was nobody from Airbnb dealing with it as of this morning.They do not have a customer service outfit that can cope with demand.The only way a guest […] Worst travel experience so far with Airbnb .My host canceled my booking in Tel Aviv, yesterday, two days before my flight there.

It wasn’t possible to see the exact location as Airbnb only provides a circle in which the property lie, no address.

On April 22nd around PM, the landlord decided that she wanted to cancel the reservation (because I was using the heater that was in the unit).

Immediately, Airbnb contacted me, and told me I should leave the unit as […] I found on the weekend that I couldn’t actually get into my Airbnb account as it had been hacked.

I am a travel nurse and needed to find some place quickly, but not knowing Atlanta, I relied on Airbnb’s ratings.

When I arrived, I was greeted by […] Around February, I booked a house for March 14th.

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