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Bonfire nights were great, all the weeks of collecting 'plunder' and storing it in one of the washhouses, we must have had the best night in the street because when the shop closed Mrs. Over the weeks I had quite a collection and decided I would feed the pigeons with 'my' corn so when they landed I threw the corn over the wall and watched the birds scoffing while Mr. My dad explained to me that the birds had been racing and they couldn't be 'clocked' until they returned to the loft. My Father was Lionel (Len) Wilkinson, he was the Manager of the Carbon Dioxide Garage in Parker Street, our House was next to the garage.

The vicar at the time was Reverend Hinnett, if my memory serves me well.I cannot say if that gentlemans name was Clifford or Bert, but he did offer a good service.I believe the little shop narrowly missed being bombed during the war.We also used to go to the Reservoir to collect frog spawn, Saturday morning was always reserved for Saturday Matinee at the Edgbaston Cinema, Roy Rogers, Flash Gordon etc etc, and then run home on the imaginary horse, chased by Indians, strange you always seemed to run faster if you slapped your backside.The Photo shown on Parker Street with the Black Smiths down the entry, shows my old house, No11, on the right corner, the Iron Gates being the side entrance, on the left side not shown, was a little Grocer shop owned by a lovely lady, Mrs Pittam, she sold everything, including a great selection of sweets.

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