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We can’t exactly vouch for any of them, but they exist.So if you’ve had any experience with any of them, please let us know about them in the comments.In the end, I had Kevin remove the all online dating cliches on his profile.I checked in with him later and he had much better success as a result.It can be as simple as “You can see by my photos I’m clearly a dead ringer for George Clooney” or “I’m a bit of a bad boy…when the shampoo bottle says ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ I never repeat.That’s how I roll.” This is a weak way to end your dating profile. Assume the woman reading your profile is interested.Whenever I see this statement I cringe and want to write the guy “Dude, get that crap off your profile! Instead of saying you’re funny how about showing it on your profile.” It’s a negative statement and men who use this type of statement present themselves poorly. If you want to date bitter, angry women then go ahead and use statements like this. No woman who is living life to the fullest and wants happiness is going to see “Don’t contact me if you aren’t serious” and think to herself “Wow, this guy seems like he’s fun so I have to write him immediately before some other lucky girl snaps him up.“ You should keep all negative comments off of your dating profile; always be positive when you write about yourself. Men who write how funny they are never show it on their profile.

Write “I look forward to hearing from you” or “Looking forward to your email.” Remember to show confidence.

Be sure to check your profile and remove any clichés you find. Women respond to positive, creative, thoughtful dating profiles.

Women don’t respond to Hallmark card cliches you think they want to see.

Here are 5 online dating cliches Kevin used in his dating profile. One of the worst online dating cliches is the sentence “My friends say I’m funny.” You shouldn’t write “My friends say I’m funny.” In fact, never say “my friends say” anything about yourself. No need to qualify yourself based on someone else’s opinion.

A high percentage of guys use the statement “My friends say” and it’s a turnoff to women. Instead, show some confidence and show what you are instead of saying it. You may not say this exactly, but if you write how you like to go out but stay in to watch movies you need to remove it from your dating profile immediately.

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