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If you click on the Items property, you will see the Item Collection Editor where you can select an item type from the Drop Down and click Add button to add the child control.

The Drop Down has four item types and these items are the Tool Strip Status Label, Tool Strip Progress Bar, Tool Strip Drop Down Button, and Tool Strip Split Button.

In Windows Forms, the Status Strip class represents the Status Strip control.

Similar to any other Windows control, we create a class object, set its properties, methods and events and add the control to the Form's controls.

The Dock property of the Status Strip is used to set docking.

A Status Strip control can be docked at top, bottom, left, right, or center. The Back Color property sets the background color of a Status Strip control.

In Windows Forms 4.0 that is a part of Visual Studio 2010, the Status Strip control replaces the Status Bar control.

Figure 1The designer also allows you to add several controls to a Status Strip control including a Status Label, Progress Bar, Drop Down Button, and a Split Button.

We can also set an image as the background color of a Status Strip control.

The Background Image property is used to set the background image of a Status Strip control.

Using the Sizing Grip property is used to enable the sizing handle.

The Sizing Grip property works with the Grip Style and the Layout Style properties.

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If you click on little dropdown icon, you will see four of these controls in the listing as shown in Figure 2.

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