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Once the files from Microsoft finish downloading you’ll find yourself in the final step of the Rescue Media Wizard.

Select your USB drive carefully; while the recovering media creation process doesn’t format your USB drive it does dump a bunch of files onto the disk and make some minor modifications you’ll just have to turn around and undo.

As long as you have the space you can use any drive you have on hand as long as it can hold the drive image.

Over the years we’ve covered plenty of ways to use the tools built into Windows to perform snapshots, create backups, and otherwise help you to restore your computer to a prior state if your hardware upgrades or such go awry.

Still, act as if you need a 1:1 space ratio and then be happy when you don’t.

Before proceeding gather together the required materials and take a moment to download and install Macrium Reflect Free.

When it comes to a change as big as jumping from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to the barely charted waters of Windows 10, however, you don’t want to rely on snapshots and rollback features to help you return to the safety of a prior version of Windows.

You want the clear and precise ability to wipe the entire drive clean and restore it, bit for bit, to the exact state it was in before you even started the upgrade process. We want a perfect pre-upgrade copy we can call upon to restore the system.

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