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Yes, that’s a twist on the Doobie Brothers’ number. But this has nothing to do with that Northern California band. They don’t give people what they want, they give people what they NEED! The women say they want tall dark and handsome but they end up marrying short blond and…looks-challenged. They’re not settling when they don’t marry supermodels, they’re finding their niche, they’re finding what’s right. So I’m standing upstairs at the Whisky, with Robin Zander, and he starts telling me a joke… Once upon a time it led, now it’s a dying rearview carcass.

Others who live in smaller cities or college towns still consider it to be something for older singletons approaching their forties, more like a last resort than a staple in the dating scene.

U2 took all the money out, if they went on a stadium tour tomorrow, there’d be a ton of unsold seats, certainly in the U. As for Kenny Chesney…he had to take a year off because of soft demand, he did a bunch of papering just before that.

But you didn’t see that in a single review elsewhere.

That it was about hagiography as opposed to readability.

Kind of like Robert Gottlieb’s review of Clive Davis’s tome in the “New York Review Of Books.” Yes, this pedigreed member of the New York publishing industry said exactly what I did, that Clive left nothing out…

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