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Projects very well for at least 4 hours so expect compliments.

It will be interesting to see how this one adapts in the cold.

It is so easy to be persuaded and follow along with the hive-mind that any alternate opinions are immediately shut down because they don't match with others.

كريد گرين ايريش عطري سبز و نرم و با اصالت،با اينكه عطري كلاسيك شناخته ميشه ولي بسيار مدرن و جوون پسند هم هست،اين عطر از قديمي ترين و اصيل ترين عطرهاي كريد هست كه براي خاندان سلطنتي انگليس در سال ١٩٨٥ ميلادي توسط ششمين نسل اليور كريد ساخته شد، اين عطر مورد علاقه ي بسياري از افراد مشهور مثل پرنس چارلز-جرج كلوني و بسياري ديگر از سلبريتي هاست، شروع عطر با نت هاي سبز و تازه و رايحه برگ درخت ليمو هست كه خيلي كم تلخي ميده به عطر بعد از حدود ٣٠دقيقه رايحه زنبق به عطر اضافه ميشه ولي نه زنبق سنگين و قوي،يه رايحه خيلي لايت گل زنبق كه به نت هاي سبز يه حالت پودري شيك و ملايم ميده با اينكه نت گلي داره ولي به هيچ وجه زنونه نيست و كاملا مردونه ميزنه...!

For instance, most women are attracted to clean-cut men who have very little body hair. Find out more about what physical traits women value in a match and how laser hair removal can give you the confidence to jump back into the dating scene.

Because most women tend to value men with little to no body hair, laser hair removal can help improve your appearance and give you the confidence you need to jump back into the dating scene.

Another thing worth mentioning about GIT, or any Creed Fragrance for that matter, is the price.

If you have darker hair and darker skin or lighter hair and lighter skin, you can achieve desirable results with an Nd: YAG laser.

My favorite part is the dry down with the sandalwod and ambergris.

I've tried it on various occasions, months apart, always at the creed boutique and I just cannot get into it.

Iris stands out for a couple hours, and then the scent smoothly changed to violet, which is amazing!

Finally, I cannot wait for tonight to wear this fragrance with my suit.

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GIT is my second; on my skin GIT smell better than Aventus and I get 12 hour performance.

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