The difference between courtship and dating

Some may think that the term “New Order” implies something much more modern than “Old Order” when connected to the Amish–perhaps even an Amish group that accepts technology, cars, and modern living.

In fact, as Amish scholar Steven Nolt points out, the New Order Amish would best be considered a subgroup of the Old Order Amish.

Old Order Amish use this “off” day as a chance to visit relatives or other churches, as well as time for Bible reading and devotions in the home.

However they have generally not seen the need to devote a formal period to Bible study in the form of Sunday School.

Just like other Christians, Amish interpret the idea of salvation differently.

New Order Amish take similar views on the use of alcohol, which is used, usually in moderation, by some Amish.Though numerous Old Order Amish are against involvement with tobacco, some Old Order Amish do grow and even use tobacco.New Order Amish universally see this as morally wrong and have come out strongly against it.They drive buggies (albeit ones which may be slightly fancier), wear plain clothing (sometimes with more colorful fabrics and for men, more-neatly trimmed beards and hair), speak Pennsylvania Dutch, and generally do not have public electricity in the home.New Order homes and barns are similar in appearance to those of Old Order Amish.

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(the alternating Sunday when a given district does not hold church service).

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