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As the smoke cleared, there stood a tall, thin, multicolored clown man, with bright red hair, a swirly, rainbow colored cone nose, and feathery shoulders that sat atop his raggedy and colorful clown outfit. Isaac asked Jack if he was a ghost, but Jack explained that he was more of a cosmic entity, of sorts.

The Technicolor clown spread his arms and excitedly announced, “COME ONE, COME ALL! At the end of the night, Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out an assortment of delicious candy. ” Isaac panicked as he grabbed a nearby shovel and scooped up the broken cat cadaver before lobbing it over the fence back into the neighbors yard. Said you weren’t real…” Jack frowned, knowing this was all his fault. ” Isaac said nothing but pointed over at the beautiful colored box from where his friend had originated. But I won’t be able to get out until…” Jack paused. “And I’ll be right here waiting for you kido.” Jack smiled, as a single tear ran down his cheek.

Isaac squinted his eyes as he sounded out the words, “L-laugh-ing-J-Jack-in-a-b-box…” he paused, “…Laughing Jack-in-a-box? ” Isaac looked back at Jack, who gave him a wink and said, “You should wear that smile more often.

He was not used to receiving gifts, especially toys.Jack quickly released the creature from his grasp as its lifeless furry husk thudded against the ground. With both his parents dead, this meant that the now twenty-year-old Isaac inherited the dusty old house he spent the earlier half of his childhood in. Not only was he older, but he also seemed to posses this odd grim look on his face.There was hush silence as the two observed the cat’s now twisted and mangled corpse. Laughing Jack was quite surprised when he heard his old friend’s footsteps walking up the stairs to the attic room for the first time in thirteen years, however it was not the reunion Jack had hoped for. No longer was he the hopeful and curious young boy Jack first met all those years ago.So, with the help of a certain not-so-imaginary friend, Isaac was able to finish his chores early and was allowed to go outside and play for a bit. ” Isaac yelled, captivated by fantasy and imagination. Laughing Jack’s arm stretched out across the garden and snatched the unsuspecting feline, who began to struggle quite vigorously. But won’t you get in trouble if your mother finds your neighbor’s cat dead in her garden? The only time they made their presence known was when Jack would hear them fighting.Things started simply enough, the duo were back behind the house playing pirates, when Isaac spotted the neighbors cat sneaking into their garden. “DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY JACKIE, OR I’LL MAKE YE WALK THE PLANK! Jack’s grip on the cat tightened, and his arms grew and extended like anacondas wrapping themselves around the wily feline as it struggled for dear life. Still Jack’s life became one of solitude, loneliness, and disappointment. Thirteen years passed until the night Isaac’s father came home particularly drunk, and got into an argument with his wife, as per usual.

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