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Determining who is too dangerous to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public is among the most important judgments that a state government can make — and exercising that police power is among the most basic of states’ rights. § 29-28(f); HRS § 134-9(a); § 430 ILCS 66/40; ALM GL ch. It would allow people with permits from the weakest states to legally carry in states with the strongest laws — superseding state laws on required training, minimum age, and the type of criminal or violent conduct that renders a person ineligible for a CCW permit.

Moreover, each state has made unique decisions not only about who is too dangerous to carry concealed guns in public, but about which people are too dangerous to own firearms at all — including, for example, people convicted of stalking, assault, or violent misdemeanors.

He fatally shot his wife, and then set off for the courthouse where she had worked and fired numerous shots at the building.

When law enforcement responded, Hamilton shot and killed a police officer.

And because of a weak permitting system in the state of Idaho, the “card-carrying Aryan Nations member” was able to obtain a state permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Less than a year after his domestic violence conviction — and while holding his Idaho concealed carry permit — Hamilton went on a shooting rampage.

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