Tell if she dating other men

Most of us have gone through relationships where we feel that our partner is not doing enough to help the relationship grow or save it.

Ladies can be secretive but it is possible to know if they are cheating on you with another man.

She's always concerned with your whereabouts Though one can argue that a lady can be concerned and cares more, asking about your whereabouts all the time could be suspicious.

She might want to know how far you are from home or from her location so that she can meet up with the other guy.

And don’t be the first to say: “I love you.” “I told him I really liked him but I didn’t want to be any man’s girlfriend.

Or, yeah, I see her by herself right now – but what if there’s someone else nearby? The fact is, EVERY woman you meet is going to have SOME guy in her life, in SOME capacity.

Sensing the 31-year-old was The One, she tested out her new multiple dating — or “rotational” — tactics.

She refused to commit and continued dating other guys unless Chris was prepared to be her “forever man”.

German-based Sami’s tactics came from her own experience as she tried to find a soulmate.

The 29-year-old, who previously worked as a consultant for an international development organisation, says: “Eight years ago I was single, going through an intense dating period and I knew something had to change. “I saw one man for two months and really thought he was The One — until he ended it.

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