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Amazon on Wednesday made the AI and voice-recognition software that powers the company's Alexa virtual assistant available to all its cloud-computing customers.

Called Amazon Lex, the service will allow developers to make chat bot applications using Alexa's voice recognition technology and leverage the AI's deep learning abilities to enable their apps to understand more text and speech queries.

With 1.2 billion users on Messenger, Master Card hopes the feature will boost fast food sales online by removing the need for consumers to type in their card information for every transaction.

Instead, consumers load their card number and other identifying information onto the digital wallets and then use the wallets for faster shopping.

Telegram is promoting the idea of users building their own games, which it calls 'easy', and reckons some can be created in a matter of hours.

The technology powering the games is HTML5, so they're loaded on-demand like ordinary web pages and therefore take up zero space on the host device.

That said, users still need to input their password for every Masterpass transaction, so the system lacks the ease of use of biometric mobile payment systems like Apple Pay.

The user then arranges a pick-up or delivery location, followed by checkout confirmation, where they pay for the order via Masterpass.Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said that Amazon's cloud-based work in processing how humans write and speak would make chat bots more helpful than the clunky tools they've been in the past."There's massive acceleration happening here," said Vogels, speaking to Reuters at the company's cloud-computing summit in San Francisco.Just last week Amazon Master Card added its digital wallet Masterpass to Facebook Messenger this week, enabling consumers to place online orders via the chat platform with just a few clicks.The rollout is still in the initial stages but the payment system is already available for some food merchants, including Subway, The Cheesecake Factory, and Fresh Direct.

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