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Here’s is Mumia’s piece: (NOTE: Please see special announcement at the end of today’s column. ) The past week saw People magazine at the center of yet another controversy when it featured on its cover one Ms.

Tess Holliday, hailed as the world’s first BBW Supermodel, at 5’5″, 280lbs and wearing a 22 dress size.

To be honest, I knew the stats would be bad, but I was surprised at just how bad they are!

Perhaps because my father is a very short man, owing to the severe malnutrition and deprivation he suffered during the war in Germany, I have never placed a great deal of stock in a man’s height.

In particular, Keep in mind please, that the average height for adult American men is 5’10”, while American adult men standing at 6′ or above only makes up about roughly 15% of the same adult male population.

I also confess to understanding this may be an innate preference, just as men have innate preferences about a woman’s weight.Yes ladies, let’s talk about “diversity” in what beauty and attractiveness standards really is.The Kevin Hart Test In her recent article discussing the appearance of Ms. Lisa Respers France of CNN, bemoans People’s apparent racially tone deaf insensitivity toward BBWs of color, most notably Black. France’s motivations for making such a big stink over the whole thing in light of the fact that, as she freely admits herself, the Black press in the form of Ebony and Essence are certainly no strangers to bigging up Big Gals on their pages and websites, I can see her point if indeed the name of the game is “diversity” in beauty/attractiveness standards.And while you could point out the fact that Tom Cruise, most certainly the runt of the litter here, has made the cut, we also have to note that that was a quarter of a century ago, while men who were notably taller than he – Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Richard Gere and George Clooney – have made the People cover, Moreover, staying with Cruise for a moment, because women tend to get antsy being called out on their heightism: let’s make something crystal clear.Cruise is as known for his million dollar smile and leading man looks despite his lack of vertical cred, as he is for his thing for Scientology and penchant for being a perennial box office draw.

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  1. He’s also written a book called “Why You’re Still Single.” We talked about how frustrating it is for women (and I’m sure men) to only get contacted by people that they would never in a million years consider dating.