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Not saying its not the problem but it wouldnt surprise me if it happens again.And yes, the furnace is recommended to have yearly maintenance done.However I dont think people would like replacing their furnaces that often... I think I understand your industry better - but I don't like what I'm learning. It has a fresh air pvc supply line to outside air running with the exhaust pipe. But this rather costly furnace is only in its second year, and in my own personal calculation of what's "right,' that is just too soon to need repair.The furnace is in an enclosed basement area of about 400 sq. No laundry or other mechanical activity in the area. In 40 years of home ownership I've had a furnace refuse to work exactly twice.Or, could installation have been faulty, somehow allowing a dirty burn?

Left to right, top to bottom and front to's checked.

Resetting the thermostat did not result in a working furnace.

I could hear what sounded like a fan moving inside the furnace (not the blower). When I turned the breaker off and then on, the burner fired. First service tech was (incorrectly) told by his dispatch that the breaker was tripping. The tech said that flame sensors get dirty and prevent firing, and that sometimes the sensors need polished as often as once or even twice a year.

We paid extra for the 8 inch Carrier filter assembly - which we changed this summer. Maybe I've just been lucky, or maybe today's furnaces are poorly designed and unreliable - maybe both. I want to understand if my contractor, or Carrier, was the source of my problem, or if this failure is deemed acceptable to you all in the business.

Given your responses, it seems clear that my expectations do not match today's HVAC systems.

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