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Security personnel in general fall victim to the worst shade of this trope, as most of the time their deaths aren't even acknowledged at all; according to Hollywood, you could walk into a bank and shoot a security guard right in the face without anyone making a fuss.If you shot anyone else afterward, the headline would just read "Bank Customers Killed".They are used to show how the monster works, and demonstrate that it is indeed a deadly menace, without having to lose anyone .Expect someone to say "He's Dead, Jim", lament this "valued crew member's senseless death", and then promptly forget him.We’re also carefully indicated to be in the era when Pike, Kirk’s predecessor, was in charge — Chris Pine doesn’t come cheap, you know. This is the Good Counterpart of Evil Minions and Mooks — set filler for our heroes' side.The Discovery jumps to the core of the planet and Georgiou takes her ‘drone’ that’s clearly a world-ending bomb (something about volcanoes) along to a sacred shrine where she’ll be able to start a chain reaction that destroys Qo’nos.Burnham clocks her fiendish plan and that she’s a mad dog turned to by the Federation in desperation, so bins their super-secret undercover mission to pop back to the ship to bollock Admiral Cornwell into calling off the whole mass genocide plan.

It’s testament to Michelle Yeoh’s charisma that she can make a character who in about 90 seconds, tortures a prisoner with her bare hands, reminds Saru she used to eat his kind in her home reality and casually dismisses Tyler as an unwanted hybrid not feel cartoonish.Sleazy spacesports full of alien sex workers and creative ways for people to get high (in this case, volcanic fumes) are always fun and while it’s not really explained why this particular settlement it full of Orions – essentially a race of space pirates – rather than Klingons, it’s a fun interlude. Recent episodes dealing with Lorca’s attempted coup – that, you’ll remembered, climaxed with Lorca stabbed in the back with a sword and kicked into an artificial star – felt like the real climax.The Klingon war plotline still needs sorted out, so even though our heroes and antiheroes are in theory doing battle for the human race, it all feels slightly less than urgent — Georgio even stops her mission for a quick threesome, which is something I hardly ever do when on deadline.Still, things get resolved in a way that feels apiece with the rest of the show, if not too fresh, then we’re onto a -style succession of goodbyes.Tyler goes off with a freed L’Rell to help build a newly unified Klingon empire.

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Please note: this Trope is actually It has been suggested that it would be more appropriate to compare Kirk's casualty rate to units on exploratory, rather than combat, missions.

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