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(A report from a foreign journalist maintains that, contrary to official claims, the fire is still burning.

[17]) It had been contributing to Urumqi's already dark skies by expelling 70,000 tons of toxic gases per year since the 1950s.

Furthermore, a national law requiring medical students to be fluent in Mandarin prevents many ethnic minorities from getting a medical degree and servicing their communities.

[11] The wealthier Han Chinese in Xinjiang are more able to afford better health care than minority groups, which most likely better equips them to deal with health problems linked to pollution.

With 80 percent of Xinjiang's health care services located in urban areas—which are now mainly populated by Han Chinese—little remains for the mostly rural Uyghur (and other minorities).

[10] The result is many people in rural areas seek out the services of unregistered medical clinics that are often below standards and staffed by practitioners lacking professional training.

Air pollution causes serious health problems, including lung cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.

This plenitude of coal ensures a cheap fuel supply for Urumqi and accounts for 67 percent of its energy use, while making the per capita coal consumption in the city four times the national average at 3.96 tons, the highest in the country.

As Urumqi continues to increase the number of coal-fired power plants in the city—increasing its coal use by 47.8 percent between 20—the overall ambient air quality has been rated as grade III, the worst of the national air quality standards.

[9] This population increase not only strains health services, but also scarce natural resources like water.

There is a discrepancy between the levels of service in urban versus rural areas, where most ethnic minorities live.

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  1. Bukedde , the Luganda-language daily, distributes 20,000 copies per day; the Luo-language paper, Orumuri , is published weekly in Runyankole; and the Ateso-language paper is called Etop .