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In the Middle Silurian, the global climate was warm to hot, and there were no polar ice caps.Evidence from all the margins of Australia supports the suggestion that the oceans were warm at this time. Among the strata uplifted during this orogeny were marine limestones formed by the reefs that flourished in the shallow seas of the marine incursions, soon to be eroded during the tectonic phase. A series of depressions and troughs developed on the northeastern margin.Sometimes, in shallow water, they formed islands, sometimes cooling below the surface to form granite basoliths. Sandstones, shales and limestones were deposited in shelf areas.

The sediments that formed between the mainland and these islands formed a continuous rock from the Silurian to the Devonian.During the earliest part of the Period the glacial phase was at its most intense, and as the continent was still on the equator, the climate was probably cool, but not glaciated.Sea levels reached their lowest level at the start of the Period, rising again after the ice melted.The ice age sediments were overlain with organically rich sediments.Australia During this period Australia was still situated on the equator, so the climate would have been hot.

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Volcanic rocks were accumulating episodically, the Australia was straddling the equator.

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