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Different ones of the four girls (Amy Rose, Tikal Echidna, Princess Sally Acorn & Sonia Hedgehog) and three boys (Sonic, Tails & Mighty) would appear at different locations in patterns which could be easily worked out with a bit of skill.Once in a while, an Event would happen that would give you a big boost with the girl/guy of your choice or a Chaos Emerald would appear.Have fun playing these dating games and dress up characters to get them ready for their dates or visit the place of dates to do certain things.These games are fun to play but can be challenging at times.With Chaos Emeralds, you needed to have a Random-ish object in order to 'collect' the emerald, else you could come back the next day for a chance to meet Shadow or Rouge for a chance to win the emerald in a simple quiz, OR, a third option, if you failed, you could track the thief down and buy the emerald from them.Once you had gotten your chosen girl to a set level (Girlfriend) you could take her on a date to a hotel for the night, where you had an interactive sex scene.

Beyond this and a few other background details, the story and tone diverged greatly between them.

Originally, the comic worked as a tie-in with the Sat AM series, though mixed with elements from the other animated Sonic show at the time early on.

As such, the two adaptions shared a similar background: Dr.

I found it on some other site, I forgot it's name but It let me download it.

and it works completely, I've done the game (exept for the macro part at the end, i forgot the first date's date) If you want i can upload it along with those hints Shit anyone can get it, all you need is macromedia flash 8 (or the newer ones), so you cna open the flash files.

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If you gave the girl enough emeralds, it wasn't too hard to enter the Macro side of the game, where you had an interactive sex scene, like the hotel, but with the Macro version of the girl or guy.

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  1. Every game has its rules and unless you know all the rules you just can’t become a good player and eventually a winner. And when it comes to character, it becomes a very different story altogether.