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She points out that some infants are too young to have completed their MMR vaccination cycle, and she tells parents with older children they have an obligation to protect other families’ children.“As a mother, I want to protect kids who are not vaccinated,” Irshat said.Over the past several years Shabaab has controlled different areas of Somalia and employed increasingly inhumane tactics of control -- chopping of limbs, blocking aid, and organizing suicide bombings.An Alabama-raised member, Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, also known as Omar Hammami, a spokesperson for Shabaab, has released numerous tracks aimed at recruiting youth for jihad.Overview: IBTCI seeks candidates for Team Leader of an evaluation of a democracy and governance program in Somalia that provides assistance to help build electoral systems, strengthen civil society, and encourage civic participation in Somalia with a particular focus on women, youth, and other marginalized groups.

Sharif Abdirahman Mohamed is an imam at the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Minneapolis and a chaplain for Fairview Health Services.She recalled a Somali mother who spoke at a public health meeting at the Brian Coyle Community Center some years ago.She had given birth to several healthy children in Africa, but her first child in the United States showed autism symptoms at an early age. “We don’t want people pointing fingers at us.” Home from day care Fahmo Sayid is an example of their challenge. Louis Park resident has three young children, all of them unvaccinated.That link has been debunked by many scientific studies in several countries, stretching back several decades.In addition, expert reviews conducted by medical professional societies and other advisory bodies, including the National Academy of Medicine, have said there is no evidence to prove that the vaccine causes autism.

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When he visits Somali families he cites the hadith, the sayings and actions of the prophet Mohammed, and verses from the Qur’an to allay fears.

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