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Another thing to bear in mind is that the adult entertainment industry doesn’t always like other businesses.For example, by some accounts, adult sites actually do better when their ads look amateurish, showcasing weird but engaging language.If you decide to get in on this bandwagon, you need to be ready to do a lot of tracking and testing – even more so than usual. Different age groups are interested in different stuff, so you need to know who your target audience is for the particular ad.There are some clever and creative ways to avoid the dreaded NSFW (Not Safe For Work) label on your ads.

In other words, the most outrageous and ridiculous ads do best. When watching porn, you’re more focused on your basic, primal needs, so your higher cognitive functions aren’t as active.

Apart from its peculiar ad philosophy, this vertical is very sensitive to geolocation, particularly when dating sites are in question.

Typically, experienced marketers separate the countries where you can do dating in 3 tiers, with the first one containing the most popular countries, such as the US, Australia, UK, France, and Germany.

The most useful stuff comes from first-hand accounts of people who were in the biz on various forums, on Reddit, and so on.

Of course, the anonymity that makes it comfortable for them to share this info also makes their credibility questionable, so you should take everything you read on the topic with a grain of salt.

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