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In fact we often hope that's the case because we've usually got ourselves in the mood with a little bit of fingering and even some porn before we log in to the phone lines.

If you are hard and in need of a release, you don't want to spend ages on the phone before you get to speak to anyone.

We've made sure that every single girl here truly loves what she does, phone sex is only good if both people are really into it, and acting or reading from a script doesn't cut it. When you dial any one of our cheap phone sex numbers, you can be sure of getting a girl who is horny as hell and actually wants to start playing with her pussy for you.

On the other end of the scale, 'chat lines' which are too cheap are often just message exchange services.

No rushing, and valuable session, very open minded easy going, polite!

These girls don't waste any time at all when it comes to getting dirty with you.No rushing, and valuable session, very open minded easy going, polite! Je kan me vooraf vertellen wat je wel of niet graag hebt zodat ik jouw de beste ervaring kan geven.I promise to give you the full…***Hallo*** Ik ben een mooi en sexy 49 jarige-blonde,slank met 100 d cup : ik heb zigdezachte; altijd mooi gebruinde huid. Ik ontvang je met open armen en met een leuke lach.We've tried some of these in the past and they are frustrating.You need to be on the phone for hours to get anywhere on some days, and that cheap price doesn't seem too cheap when the phone bill comes. We know that men often phone our numbers, already hard and frustrated.

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Just because the calls are cheap, it doesn't mean our ladies aren't hot and eager to get you excited.

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