Single parent dating stories

"The biggest challenge is balancing out a life that supports her and our home — and then also being where I need to be for her, when I need to be there. She's sort of like a teenager in that way — she'd sleep all day if I let her. It can't be easy."The balance of life, work, and being a single mom is no joke! They save me often from the demands of all of the many moving parts of living here, working, mothering, and so forth.I have to physically run from work or wherever I am to be at her school when she gets out at p.m."So what's a typical day like for you and Minnie? I can't say that NYC is particularly user-friendly for single moms. And when we all get a chance to slow down for even just a couple hours, they are the best company.That's just not realistic for me anymore."What were those first few months like? "Those first months, I was very tapped into her sensitivity.It was a process — first of all moving and getting ourselves comfortable in a new home and understanding the new dynamic of just her and I.I fought very hard (probably harder than I would have otherwise) because we had a child. But ultimately, we weren't supposed to be together in the long run.Today, I think everyone is better off."When you realized you'd be doing this on your own, what went through your head?The schedules for these little kids is insane, and just when you're in a groove, BOOM — early dismissal from school that day and you're yet again explaining why you can't make a meeting. I had to get over myself and start getting very comfortable asking for help."On that note, what does your support system look like? I also have my family, of course — they're top notch."What are your biggest worries? "I worry about her anxiety level a lot and how much she senses.

Single Parent is the perfect place for a single woman to find a single dad. In fact, she persevered day in and day out (three decades and counting), instilling in me the notion that if I work hard and stay true to my own sense of self, I can do anything.The thing is: Single mothers are pillars of strength.If I can get her downstairs with me, we'll jump rope.And if I don't have her on the weekend, I will try to get a massage or something."How does this "me" time go hand in hand with being a better mom?

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No matter how you slice it, parenting is hard work.

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