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cheap cigarettes legally purchased in one state may be taken to any other state without breaking any laws at all), there are occasionally exceptions, the most prominent examples being firearms and marijuana. Some definitions may differ, such as Maryland and Delaware being placed in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast instead of the South Atlantic and South below, there sometimes being additional subregions like the Southwest, etc.While firearms are legal in some capacity in all fifty states, some states forbid ownership of various firearms, ammunition and magazines by residents, and firearms usually must be purchased in the state of residence; Federal law mandates that handguns can only be purchased in the buyer's state of residence. Postal Code Abbreviation: DC Nickname(s): The American Rome, A Capital City, The Capital of the World, Chocolate City, City of Magnificent Distances (reported in the 1880s), City of Magnificent Intentions (first coined by Charles Dickens), The Federal City, Hollywood for Ugly People, Murder Capital of America (late 1980s to early 1990s), Nation's Capital Motto: Justitia Omnibus (English: Justice for All) Capital: It is THE capital.The last one can lead to some strange situations: for instance, usually you expect prices to be higher in a major city than in its surrounding suburbia, but Philadelphia's eastern suburbs are in New Jersey, which has higher taxes than Pennsylvania (but lower than New York), meaning that people can (and do) go the city to buy things like alcohol and cigarettes at a cheaper price.Finally, while most of these things are legal to buy in one state and take into another (i.e.You may have heard about former mayor Marion Barry, who was convicted of smoking crack with a prostitute while in office, but remained popular enough to win reelection and later got elected to city council where he served until his death in 2014.Because DC now have a significant local population—more people than Vermont and Wyoming combined, in fact—for years there's been talk of giving it statehood.DC residents oppose it because with well over 200 years of history, the District has formed an identity of its own and the residents feel little kinship with Maryland... Postal Code Abbreviation: VA Nickname(s): Old Dominion, Mother of Presidents, Mother of States Motto(s): Sic semper tyrannis (English: Thus Always to Tyrants) Demonym: Virginian Capital: Richmond Largest City: Virginia Beach (part of Hampton Roads: Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Chesapeake-Newport News) Largest Metro Area: Washington, D. (including Arlington and Alexandria) Area: 42,774mi2 / 110,787km2 (16th smallest) Other Cities of Note: Williamsburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville Population: 8,470,020 (12th largest) Date of Admission: June 25, 1788 (10th) The Commonwealth of Virginia was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.One of the original Thirteen Colonies, and (along with Massachusetts) one of the main centers of leadership of The American Revolution and early Republic.

The Commonwealths of Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are all full-fledged states.

All other incorporated communities in Virginia are usually referred to as Hampton Roads in the southeastern corner of the state.

This area, consisting of the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton and Williamsburg, plus the town of Yorktown, is the home of the U. Navy's Atlantic Fleet, and Virginia Beach is also the largest city of the state.

If the multiple names confuse you, the city of Washington and the District of Columbia are one and the same, but this wasn't always the case.

The District was originally composed of two counties: Alexandria (land from Virginia) and Washington (land given from Maryland).

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